Here’s how this yoga instructor healed from the wounds of her past

Sometimes, we face some setbacks in life which affect us deeply, impacting our psyche, thereby making it immensely difficult for us to go about with our routine life.

Natasha Noel, widely popular in the social media circuit, who keep sharing posts on perfecting yoga postures, doing meditation, and dancing, talks about her struggles in this video. “I went into depression, where I didn’t know what to do with my life; but I always believed because I was so good at pretending. I was okay and masked my sorrows,” she says in one of her talks.

She further shares that she has been on a journey of healing from past wounds. “My psychiatrist realised that I was not talking so she put this pen and paper in front of me and she told me you can do whatever you feel like. I took up the pencil and wrote, and I took up the crayons and coloured, and I realised that for me art was my expression,” the 27-year-old yoga instructor and influencer says.

“At the age of 16, I was a professional dancer and I found myself. Dance was something which allowed me to be me, I did not feel like anyone was judging me and I could express how I felt,” Noel says, adding that she faced many insecurities during her childhood. “And I was just the happiest at this point of time.”