Dak Prescott’s contract has no-tag, no-trade clauses

The leverage held by Dak Prescott under the franchise tag allowed him to get a record deal. It also allowed him to force other valuable terms.

Via Adam Schefter of, the contract has both a no-tag and a no-trade clause.

No-trade clauses are becoming more common for franchise-quarterback contracts. They don’t have significant value for franchise quarterbacks because, frankly, what team is going to trade for a franchise quarterback who doesn’t want to play for that team?

The no-tag clause has greater meaning. It guarantees a shot at the open market for Dak after the 2024 season, barring a new deal. Throw in the fact that the Cowboys reportedly will apply the franchise tag on Tuesday as a procedural device, it will become very difficult for the Cowboys or any other team to ever tag Dak again.

Once he’s tagged twice, the next franchise tag would give Prescott a 44-percent increase over his cap number the year before being tagged. So once he’s franchise-tagged a second time, he’ll have a literal no-tag clause in his new contract and a practice no-franchise-tag clause for the balance of his career.